About Us

Glen Maxwell-Heron spent 13 years as an Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy, serving both at sea and in shore jobs learning how to motivate teams and lead people in challenging operational and project environments. Since leaving the Navy, he spent 10 years delivering multi-million pound IT and business change projects for the Government and banking sectors that involved extensive team building and management experience. He has recently returned from nearly 4 years in Japan where he was working as a business consultant delivering organisational change for ex-patriot companies and preparing Japanese executives working for blue chip Japanese companies for doing business with other countries and cultures.

Since returning to the UK, Glen has gained accreditation from the British Psychological Society to psychometrically test for both personality and ability. He has also set up St Andrews Consulting to use these new tools, along with his previous business experience, to deliver transformational improvement in leadership ability and team performance. He has also built up a network of associates who are able to help him tackle a highly diverse range of problems and ensure that any project is a success.