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Change has risk associated with it

There are times in life and business when you’re presented with a set of new decisions or choices that will define the future for you or your company. But how do you know if you’re making the right choice? Or even if there’s a right choice at all? You may be facing a “which is […]

Why captain fantastic is so important

When you think of infamous sports teams, your attention is often drawn to the glitz and glamour of superstar players and pivotal moments. However, an incredibly interesting new line of research seems to suggest that a strong, inspirational captain is far more important to continued success.

What’s holding you back from taking the first step?

Part of being a high performing leader is ensuring your staff members are comfortable in their working environment, as well as being supportive to watch them grow and take their first step to success. By comfortable, I don’t mean that the desk is at the right height or the chair is well adjusted! For many […]

Knowledge is power – the good and the bad

If you have commissioned a customer satisfaction survey, or worked with stakeholders on their expectations of your business, you will understand the value of honest feedback. As wonderful as it is to hear how brilliant your company is performing and how satisfied your customers and stakeholders are, it is imperative to the growth and future […]

How do you stay accountable in leadership?

When you’re the leader of an organisation, you are expected to define the future strategic direction for your team and oversee the successful achievement of the objectives set. You may well have the freedom in this position that you may never have had in your career before. Finding a balance between revelling in this situation […]

Where’s your crystal ball?

With all the forecasting software and new data prediction techniques available, you would imagine that seeing into the future has got easier. But I am willing to bet every business decision maker in the UK would say that just isn’t true.

What could culture mean for your business?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” was a term coined by Mark Fields, President of Ford who attributed it to organisational management guru Peter Drucker. This mentality has been the adopted mindset of many successful business leaders, with a positive, collaborative culture being highlighted as the most important factor in business growth. Below we’ll discuss how […]