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A CEO is the ultimate team player and team leader

It is often said that the best results in any business enterprise come as a result of teamwork. Any team, however, needs leadership, and in order to be clear on what the targets are, that leadership needs to come from one individual. But all too often, team leaders, be they line managers, senior managers, directors […]

Communications: emotion vs logic

Effective communication is the bedrock of every successful organisation: helping to engage team members internally and to promote a positive external image. Understanding how different personalities process information, and whether their preferences are based on emotion or logic can help your communications be even more effective, and more openly received.

Are you spending enough time in the top right hand box?

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix is one of those simple-yet-effective leadership tools that crops up in leadership skills circles all the time, although sometimes under a different name. The idea was derived from an Eisenhower quote, ‘What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.’ As leaders, we can often end up […]