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Where’s your crystal ball?

With all the forecasting software and new data prediction techniques available, you would imagine that seeing into the future has got easier. But I am willing to bet every business decision maker in the UK would say that just isn’t true.

What could culture mean for your business?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” was a term coined by Mark Fields, President of Ford who attributed it to organisational management guru Peter Drucker. This mentality has been the adopted mindset of many successful business leaders, with a positive, collaborative culture being highlighted as the most important factor in business growth. Below we’ll discuss how […]

Here’s how the queen’s speech could affect your company

With the announcement of the Queen’s speech, marking the start of the next government, you may be wondering what it means for your company and your job. With details of a deal with the DUP being released today, the speech gave an indication into government priorities for the next two years. Usually, the speech only […]

How will your team cope without you?

“That which governs best, governs least.” John Stuart Mill It might seem counterintuitive, but the better you are at leading a team, the less they’ll miss you when you’re gone. If you know that your retirement is going to cause a power vacuum; if you know that many employees will feel they have been cast […]

How credible is your business plan?

All too often, when writing a business plan, you get too wrapped up in your vision of the company’s unquestionable success and you fail to follow some simple rules that investors will punish you for. Top of that list for many is whether that business plan is credible and is therefore trustworthy enough for people […]

Once upon a time, off the coast of China…

I had a “road to Damascus” moment. First, you need to understand how I came to be on that road in the first place. My parents had worked very hard to send me to a good school – at great personal cost, as they came from a working class background. I was aware of the […]

The importance of engagement at work

One of the largest contributing factors to happiness is engagement in your work. Studies show that if an employee finds little or no satisfaction in their current role, this will have a negative knock-on effect on the rest of their lives. Conversely, if workers can’t wait to bounce out of bed and join their team, […]