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When was the last time you read a newspaper?

For Warren Buffet, the route to success as a CEO was to “read five-hundred pages a week… That’s how knowledge builds up, like compound interest“. While this seems like a lot, newspapers are the perfect source of information for many and are a great way to shift towards hitting your weekly word-count. But with the […]

Risk is the forgotten element of the business plan

Any business plan we develop needs to consider a number of factors when assessing the timeframe for progression and the targets that will reflect it. When we make a business plan, it is our ambition that drives us; an ambition to succeed, to make a difference, and ultimately to leave a legacy that just might […]

Is cash keeping you afloat or dragging you down?

A full order book is no longer a sure sign of company prosperity. These days, cash in the bank is the only real indicator of success. In the current pressure cooker economy, the most effective leaders are the ones who have their finger on the financial pulse of their organisations. Leaders have long-term strategies to […]

Do you have an emotional contract with your employee?

What is an emotional contract? According to Adrian Furnham, author of The Talented Manager, “The psychological contract is essentially concerned with a set of expectations and obligations. Employees come to believe […] that they are being offered various things, such as: security of employment; promotion prospects and opportunities; training and development programmes; help and care […]

Change has risk associated with it

There are times in life and business when you’re presented with a set of new decisions or choices that will define the future for you or your company. But how do you know if you’re making the right choice? Or even if there’s a right choice at all? You may be facing a “which is […]