The 4 principles of CEO Neil Burkett’s leadership

Originally born in New Zealand, Neil Burkett currently heads the Guardian Media Group and is taking them from strength to strength after previously overseeing the rise and subsequent sale of Virgin Media in 2013 to the American firm Liberty Global for over $23 billion. So what’s the key to his success? He believes that looking after your customers and being innovative are behind Virgin Media’s rejuvenation under his leadership.

Neil Burkett is a CEO with integrity, focus, courage and vision. All these abilities enable him to mobilise collaboration and work with his teams as a great leader.

His principles as a CEO already give you an idea of how you can follow in his footsteps. But here’s a closer look at how he has employed these in building and leading some of the UK’s largest companies.

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Important but not urgent? How you need to act according to the Eisenhower Matrix

This blog post is going to talk about the top right hand box of the Eisenhower Matrix – a strategy designed to help those in important positions within their company improve productivity and decision-making. The Eisenhower Matrix is also referred to as the urgent-important matrix. The top right hand box falls at the point where a task or tasks are important, but not urgent. It is sometimes called the leadership box as this is the area that leaders spend most of their time.

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Improving leadership through the Eisenhower Decision Matrix

It can often feel like you spend an entire day just putting out fires. Rushing from one task to the next, always busy, but never really feeling like important projects are progressing as they should.

Long hours spent dealing with every little thing as it comes to you can hinder you from achieving your goals and, as a leader, can give you tunnel vision, preventing you from overseeing your team properly or seeing the wider picture. Fortunately, there is a way to help you deal with this.

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Eisenhower: How to distinguish between urgent and important tasks

It’s an all too well-known workplace fallacy, people think that working late every night to make sure everything is done, is great time management. However, if you are spending your free time in the office, working your way through every task that comes across your desk, you may be experiencing a problem with prioritisation.

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Are you dependant on one supplier? It’s time to evaluate the risk

As you build a company and begin to scale, it is important that you build strong working relationships with all your suppliers. This naturally leads to a situation whereby your growth and their growth are intertwined and your supplier will benefit from your success. However, it is all too easy to get caught up in the mindset of restricting yourself to just one supplier and failing to prepare for all eventualities.

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Winter is coming. Can your staff work from home?

Winter months in the UK can sometimes come with severe weather conditions. It is quite rare to experience winter without hearing forecasts of ice or snow and weather warnings cautioning people to take care when commuting, or even to avoid commuting entirely.

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Re-focus your worrying

As a leader, it is your role to carry the map and navigate your team and company on a journey towards change and betterment. Sometimes it is easy to get lost on this path by focusing on the things that don’t matter and on the things that you can’t change. Worrying about what will happen after Brexit or how Trump can impact your business with his next misguided tweet will get you nowhere. Instead, you should focus on the important elements of leadership and bring your team on a journey that manages the risks that you can prepare for.

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Would you go on holiday to an earthquake zone?

The recent hurricanes and other disasters sweeping parts of the world may give you pause for thought about your holiday destination. Yet, every year, millions of us are herded into thin metal tubes with wings and fast-moving engine parts, all at various points in their fatigue-design lifespan. We fly to earthquake, flood or hurricane zones and mostly enjoy a lovely time. We ignore the risk of food poisoning, variable levels of medical care and even court danger on rickety tourist boats or volcanic/mountain/clifftop trips in the quest for a memorable holiday.

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When was the last time you read a newspaper?

For Warren Buffet, the route to success as a CEO was to “read five-hundred pages a week… That’s how knowledge builds up, like compound interest“. While this seems like a lot, newspapers are the perfect source of information for many and are a great way to shift towards hitting your weekly word-count.

But with the decline in print and the increasing demands on company heads, why should you commit so much time to perusing the papers?

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Hurricane Ophelia wrought havoc, will you be able to lead your team when disaster strikes?

The recent Hurricane Ophelia caused chaos for many in the UK, showing us an extreme example of unavoidable adversity that requires excellent leadership.

Adversity in the workplace can come in many forms, from unexpected fire alarms and burst pipes to more serious issues that can impact your team in prolonged, more negative ways. When disaster strikes, that’s when strong leadership is truly needed. Read on and find out how you can lead and inspire your team in the face of sudden adversity.

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