Cross Cultural: UK – Japan

Living, working and doing business in a foreign culture is a daunting task. Apart from the physical issues of distance and time zones, there are cultural and behavioural issues to consider as well. We have recent experience of living and working in Japan and can help you before and during your business in that fascinating country.

Specifically, we can give you more information about:

  • Overview of how Japan appears to foreign eyes – and why it appears that way
  • Japanese economy and prospects
  • Japanese culture and the way business is done
  • Communication style and why it matters
  • Corporate culture and the decision making process
  • Importance of personal relationships and trust
  • Service culture – nothing is too much trouble!
  • Business socialising

We can help with more general orientation and advice – particularly about central Tokyo.

Contact us to see how we can help – particularly as we still have many contacts in Japan that may be able to help you.