Interviewing & Selection

The recruitment of someone in to your organisation is a big step – particularly if it is someone senior or for a key role that will have a big impact on the success of your organisation. Also, senior managers are now more mobile, with ever increasing numbers moving internationally to further their careers. This means that the competition for talent is getting harder, making it even more important that the right person for the job is selected.

We can help remove some of the risk from the recruitment process by helping you implement a multi-faceted interviewing and selection process that will maximise your chances of recruiting someone who will be a success in the role.

We are able to:

  • Take the job description and design the person specification using relevant psychometric tools – if necessary, assessing for both ability and personality
  • Help with interviewing to make sure it is structured and repeatable, including identifying which competencies are relevant to the role
  • Advise on work simulation exercises to make sure it is meaningful and realistic