Accountability for Delivery

Plans are just bits of paper or files on a computer unless the organisation is fully bought in to delivering them and held accountable to the deadlines proposed.
Also, any plan, route or even the final destination may need to change as a result of risks, issues or changing circumstances. However, those changes need to be made because of positive decisions rather than things being left to evolve organically.
Delivery of change is also often in addition to peoples’ day jobs so it is easy to lose focus and not give it the attention it deserves.
We hold the organisation and the teams accountable for the delivery of the changes and their business objectives.

How do we do this?

Whilst the ownership of the delivery activities sits within the organisation, we will:

  • Run progress monitoring meetings to keep the change on track
  • Re-plan the delivery to take account of changing circumstances
  • Train and mentor internal resource to take ownership of the overall plan
  • Report back to the sponsoring leader on progress, next steps and changes to the risk profile to the project