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Building a team to do something we have never done before….

“Change is constant and the pace is getting quicker” is the common wisdom and I haven’t seen anything that disproves it. This means that organisations and teams need to change and evolve constantly. As internal and external forces act on them or their area of operations change, they have to react. Often organisations need to […]

Bad News and Leadership – Part 2

In the last blog article, I took at an example of best practice when bad news comes from within your team. However, bad news can also come from anywhere else. For example, it could be from external sources or the rest of the management team. Even changing business circumstances can (and should) make it obvious […]

Bad news and leadership – Part 1

Bad news is not the best thing in the world but as a leader but you do have to listen to it, deal with it, work with its implications, results and possibly take decisive action because of it. Over the next couple of blog articles I am going to look at aspects of how you […]

Changing team members to improve performance

Sport continues to provide some excellent team scenarios that all leaders can learn from. I have used football management as a source of inspiration before and there was more useful advice earlier this year. Sam Allardyce is the current manager of West Ham United FC. He was talking about the realism needed about expectations once […]

Player motivation at the world cup – Part II

I found some of the over and under-achievement by various teams at the football world cup earlier this year fascinating. I am going to take a look at some of the issues that this raised, particularly around motivation, and also the impact on the management of teams in the UK Premiership. As a non-football fan, […]

Being a leader… a lonely place?

How can you be lonely when you are working with other people? Leaders are in a position where they are directing an organisation or a group of people – otherwise they wouldn’t be leaders. This means that they have to have a broad perspective on what is happening around their group and be thinking about […]

Not being afraid to change direction

One of the main functions of leadership is setting out a vision for the future and defining the path to get there. This doesn’t involve too much detail or analysis but letting your team know what you are thinking and the benefits of achieving the aims you set out. The paths we and our organisations […]

Change is coming…are you ready for it?

Over the last few weeks, I have read some interesting articles and seen some great presentations about the way the world is changing around us. I would like to share a couple of them with you: And also these articles about disruptive technology: Hardware is dead Catching the wave These came on the back of […]

Some key lessons from Richard Branson

Someone on a forum I am a member of posted a link to this video when we were discussing the often fraught relationship between banks and business that bank with them. I watched it and realised that there were some really key lessons in it that were put very succinctly. Click on the title below: […]