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Incorporate risk into every business plan

In order for a business to succeed, everyone should be working towards the same goals. And those goals should be firmly established in the formulation of every business plan. No action or decision taken in the running of a business is without an element of risk, and a good CEO will approach the process of […]

Do people believe in you?

The success you achieve in the world of business depends on so many factors, including your tenacity and ability to solve problems. But one of the defining factors into whether or not your business plan eventually makes it through scrutiny, is how well you can convince people to believe in you. In fact, if you […]

Are you being realistic as a CEO?

Leaders and entrepreneurs usually lean toward one of two mindsets – they are either realists who downplay the good, or they’re optimists who remain positive about all outcomes. Although there may be a strong link between success and optimism when running a business, it is important for leaders to learn how to balance both. Take […]

Is your team ready for the future?

To be a leader capable of providing vision for an organisation, it is important to keep an eye firmly fixed on the future at all times. The famous former football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who coached Manchester United to over 20 years of success, explained that the morning after his team had won a trophy, […]

The importance of wanting the future

For thousands of years, human beings have sacrificed endlessly so that we could discover the benefits of one thing: the future. If you want to be a truly great leader, it is vital that you understand this. Years ago, a farmer had to learn to let himself and his family go hungry today to reap […]

Conflict management strategies to implement today

One trait shared by great business leaders is their ability to identify, fine-tune, and implement quick and effective resolutions to workplace conflicts. Unfortunately, many senior professionals are crippled by a fear of confrontation, falling back on diversions or simply ignoring elephants in the room. To ensure this inertia doesn’t become too damaging to the organisation, […]

Real leaders learn to negotiate

At this point, we’ve all seen the diagram of the difference between a leader and a boss. The boss sits in his chair and his employees drag the company (and him) forward while the leader is first in line to help pull the company forward with his own hands. If you want to be an […]

Get over your fear of conflict as a CEO

As a leader, you can’t afford to shy away from situations involving conflict. Conflict is a natural part of life and will occur in both your professional and personal lives. If managed well, you can use it to promote your ideas and put your concepts in to practice. In fact, changes cannot happen without it. […]

The 4 principles of CEO Neil Burkett’s leadership

Originally born in New Zealand, Neil Burkett currently heads the Guardian Media Group and is taking them from strength to strength after previously overseeing the rise and subsequent sale of Virgin Media in 2013 to the American firm Liberty Global for over $23 billion. So what’s the key to his success? He believes that looking […]