Beginning the Change process

With experience of the full change delivery lifecycle, there are a number of key services that we can provide to make sure that your change gets off to a successful start – a great foundation for successful delivery:

    • Planning for successful delivery – producing a very high level plan that has key activities and deadlines on it without the high level of detail that would prevent appreciation of the critical path and any external dependencies
    • Stakeholder mapping and engagement – any form of change needs careful communication to key stakeholders. We can help you put in place suitable strategies to meet their needs.
    • Overview for managers – provides a high level view of the plan and the change process so they can see the key steps and the part they have to play in the successful change delivery.
    • Overview for teams – Providing a view of what is going to happen and when as well as giving them an opportunity to comment and question.
    • Design of communications – if there is change about to happen, e-mail is often not the best solution! We can help you design a communications plan, tailored to each of the the relevant audiences, to keep everyone informed and on-side with the change.
  • Setting up the project – documentation, financial tracking and processes, defining deliverables etc – all the activities needed to get the project off to a great start.