Conflict Management

Conflict is a fact of life yet many people fear it. Every time you enter a negotiation, propose a change or want to do something different then there is potential for conflict. Conflict does not have to be destructive – by encouraging diversity and the active discussions that this brings to a team, conflict can be used in a positive, constructive way to make progress towards your goals.

By exploring the potential conflicts in your team and your preferred approach to addressing it, we can help you build up your self-awareness and toolkit for dealing with conflict.

There is a dark side to conflict: if the issues it raises are not addressed within a team, it can fester under the surface and be very destructive, which will impact atmosphere and eventually productivity, morale and potentially even retention of key experience within a team.

We can help by providing an outside, neutral observation of what is going on, propose tailored solutions that can help you address the root causes of the conflict and get key personnel and teams back on track.