Leadership Team Development

The impact of the leadership team on an organisation cannot be overstated but the amount of time spent on team development at that level is very small. How often is all the time spent dealing with operational issues, leaving none for building the relationships? This is vital because the mood and the culture at the very top of an organisation percolates throughout it. The mood defines the aspirations, expectations and behaviours at all levels of the organisation.

At the very top of an organisation, it is too easy to lose sight of the strategic aims and imperatives and get caught up in the politics between departments and functions.

We can help the leadership team clarify the aims and vision for the organisation, what values and behaviours they view as important for the kind of place they want the organisation to be and use team building techniques to make sure they are aligned with the vision and pulling in the same direction. This is a vital first step on the journey along the highway.

In addition, we can help them break down the barriers that result in a silo mentality, enhancing trust and a shared purpose so they can truly work as a leadership team, with the best interests of the organisation at heart.