Maximising Personal Impact

There is a continuous pressure to “do more with less” in all types of organisations. This means that people have to work smarter and use their time more effectively than ever before to get the most out of both themselves and the people they have to interact with to get things done. We have taken a modular approach to maximising personal impact in the work place, which focuses on key business skills and improving productivity. This can be undertaken as a package or on an individual module basis and all modules can be tailored to individual requirements.

Project management: An overview of good practices in project management with key lessons gained over 15 years in the field. This module will cover the practical skills necessary as well as the leadership and management skills required of a project manager: project lifecycle, planning, project control, stakeholder management, team management, reporting and documentation.

Presentation skills: Improve personal confidence presenting to an audience by adopting a structured approach to planning and preparing presentations, including body language, voice and other materials to make the presenter appear credible and professional – improving the reception of their message.

Productive meetings: Reduce the amount of time spent in meetings by up to 50% by improving focus and structure, whilst remaining inclusive and allowing the necessary discussions and decision making to take place. This module covers the preparations, behaviour and leadership required during the meeting and post-meeting follow up actions needed to ensure success.

Teleconferencing: Using technology to reduce travel and wasted time can be very beneficial for an organisation but the technology itself introduces barriers to effective communication and decision making. This module introduces good practices for preparing for and managing teleconferences to ensure they are productive and achieve the aims needed.

Communications and stakeholder management: Managing communication with the key people both inside and outside of the organisation is often the key to getting things done more easily and quickly than before. This module is designed to help with mapping out those communication lines and working out the best, most effective way of engaging those contacts to maximise your productivity.