Training Design & Delivery

Great training is a symbiosis of a great trainer with great material.

We believe that a trainer needs the following qualities to become “great”: excellent communication skills, a structured approach, professionalism, empathy, strong subject knowledge, flexibility, confidence and charisma. They need to be willing and able to “role play” and provide interactive experiences to allow participants to learn by practicing. In addition, they need a desire to make a positive difference to their participants’ performance, coupled with the drive and motivation to make sure that they do.

Great material is the result of deep knowledge of the subject that is presented in an interactive, engaging way that allows the participants to practice and embed new skills and knowledge.

We have used a structured approach for designing a new training course for a blue-chip customer:

    • Obtained background information on team structure, political environment, attendees, the key issues that they wanted the training to address and what they were looking to change: behaviours, knowledge and/or skills
    • Produced a course overview with a plan that detailed key activities and timings, including any exercises and key materials
    • Reviewed the plan and desired outcomes with the customer then incorporated their comments and requests in to the course plan
  • Produced relevant materials and exercises for the participants before successfully delivering the programme and achieving great feedback from both the participants and the customer.

Our unique skills: Having spent over 20 years delivering both operational outcomes and change projects, we are completely focused on the business impact of any development activity. We are motivated by witnessing the changes in the way people do business: making it easier, more productive and efficient as a result of our impact by enhancing their skills and changing their behaviours.

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