The importance of wanting the future

For thousands of years, human beings have sacrificed endlessly so that we could discover the benefits of one thing: the future. If you want to be a truly great leader, it is vital that you understand this. Years ago, a farmer had to learn to let himself and his family go hungry today to reap the benefits of his seeds in the coming months. Our discovery of the future revolves around our learned ability to sacrifice our present time so that we can have a better world in times to come.

Why is wanting the future so important?

We are an exploratory species, which means our deep-rooted desire to uncover new ground and to make revolutionary discoveries is one of the primary things that drives us. In order to fulfil our never-ending curiosity, we must carve out a path to a desired future, and to do this, we have to conceptualise a future that is beneficial to ourselves and to the people around us. This is what makes a truly great leader.

Are you looking at the right map?

You cannot create plans that revolve around a desire to be liked by your team or contemporaries. When it becomes clear that your need for external validation is what is driving the way you lead, it’s likely that your team will respond with distrust and believe that you lack authenticity, meaning they are less likely to follow you. When a leader instead demonstrates that they have a genuine desire to better the future of the team and the company, people respond with loyalty in return and often find these traits admirable.

How can I aim for the best future?

If you want to lead yourself and your team into a brighter, more economically prosperous future, you need a respectable plan. But first, you need to consider a few things about yourself, your team and your overarching goals.

Ask yourself

Are you genuinely invested in the success or failure of your team?

What are the limitations and strengths of the group?

Are we communicating effectively?

What plan will simultaneously further my goals and the goals of the team and the company?

Once you’ve extensively considered and answered these questions, you’re ready to create a plan to lead your team into the ultimate future.

Image credit: Business Meeting Woman Entrepreneur Laptop by perzonseo licensed under Creative commons 4