Key Partners that we are happy to recommend are:

For strategy –

Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard

MBA, BSc (Hons) Management Science, GTC.

In a relationship with the chief executive and the senior leadership team, I have a proven ability to help you to recognise, capture, and create measurable value through strategy.

Management consultancy case examples include doubling the revenues of an FTSE100 business, trebling the revenues of a mid-sized social business, and building a startup – as a founder member – into a global BPO brand now owned by Dimension Data.

I bring over 40 years of experience in strategy for the brand, market, business and corporate – skills developed in the crucible of marketing, advertising and sales for blue chip organisations in food and drink, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, technology, contact centres, and professional services.

A life-long dedication to soft skill development supports these technical strategy skills on the basis that personal growth leads to business growth.

You will find our approach proven and unique.

For development of the individual –

John Hardwick

Service focus: Helping managers with their people skills

I help successful technical professionals to develop the skills, confidence and authenticity they need to be fully effective in their leadership roles. With my support, they build strong working relationships which, in turn, improve engagement, productivity, trust and respect in the workplace.

I bring over 40 years of engineering management, design, R&D, supply chain and leadership coaching & training experience to help your development.

Customer benefits:  My approach enables company owners and directors to grow their businesses, by supporting and building a strong leadership talent pipeline – a pipeline of people with the right people skills.