When was the last time you read a newspaper?

For Warren Buffet, the route to success as a CEO was to “read five-hundred pages a week… That’s how knowledge builds up, like compound interest“. While this seems like a lot, newspapers are the perfect source of information for many and are a great way to shift towards hitting your weekly word-count.

But with the decline in print and the increasing demands on company heads, why should you commit so much time to perusing the papers?

Increased knowledge about world events

The papers cover key world events, stories around the economy, and highlight important sectoral trends. Staying abreast of this can greatly improve your general knowledge in a short length of time, and help point the way towards further independent study. This coverage of all strata and sectors is relevant, digestible, and up-to-date and is – in short – the perfect way to educate and inform your decisions.

Access to different perspectives

More than ever, individuals are staying within their social media ‘bubble’ and only accessing information that agrees with their view point. Reading papers from a number of different sources allows you to broaden your viewpoint and stay informed while minimising bias; helping you hear what you need to, rather than what you want to.

Builds a concrete routine and schedule

Finding the time to read is hard, but having the discipline to make the space you require is invaluable. Starting the day with a paper allows you to justify valuable time in your schedule to relax, read, and do some deep thinking over the day’s key tasks. Being able to quickly and meaningfully scan and digest stories is also a perfect skill to have – increasing your critical thinking and comprehension skills, while gently challenging your brain.

It’s easier than ever to read

With the rise of tablets and always-on technology, it’s now easier to stay up to date with the news than ever before. With print media in decline, much of a paper’s news and readership has shifted to the online sphere. Formatting and layout makes it quick and easy to browse and find articles that are relevant to your business interests.

Why is this important?

The leader of a team or organisation needs to have a broader perspective, needs to be scanning the horizon, needs to make sure that the team know that you have thought about the changes to your industry that are approaching. If you don’t find out what is going on, how are you going to plan a sensible, credible route ahead?

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