The project management community has an expression: fail to plan, plan to fail. Planning is therefore key to success. The issue is that different personalities look at the future in different ways:

Some people like to look at the big picture, further in to the future. They synthesise what it could look like using information they have gathered from numerous sources, both internal and external to the organisation and can identify new directions and destinations.

Others prefer to use their previous experience to form their view of the future. This means that they are very good at identifying what needs to be done in the near future to keep the journey going.

The key in planning is to engage those with the big ideas whilst using the detail focus of others to put credibility and realism behind the first steps on the road.

How do we do this?

Brainstorming, small group working and identifying the order and dependencies so tasks happen in a logical and efficient way.

The next stage is task planning to get a coherent view of the effort needed to go forward.