Budget Building & Management

Building a budget is not easy, either for a new business or a new project. There is lots of data to gather, assumptions to make and risks to consider before you can be confident that you have put together something that you can be confident in.

We have developed a structured approach that can walk you through what you are trying to achieve, building the relevant costs as we go. We can then look at different ways of achieving the same thing to work out the most cost efficient way of tackling the problem.

Sometimes, we encounter organisations that have very little information about how much money they are spending and what they are spending it on. Again, we can work with you to gather the relevant data and analyse it so you have a better idea on where you need to focus your efforts to improve your profitability.

Finally, we can help you set up systems to track expenditure against planned actuals on a project or cost centre basis so you can track your progress or find out where you need to be looking to stop cost over-runs.

Budget building is hard work but we can help you make it a bit easier and structured so it is less of a chore next time.