Task Planning

Put simply, this is all about who is going to do what by when to make progress?

However, it might take some time before we get to that level of detail. Often, business plans have large changes and big deliverables specified – particularly in terms of the outcomes that the organisation wants to see. .

This section is all about taking those big deliverables and breaking them down to department or team level. The aim is to get an over view of the whole plan but also be able to tell each team what they need to do, by when, to keep things on track.

Why is this so important?

People still have a day job to do in addition to delivering changes to their services or the organisation. It is only when there is a good view of what everyone is being asked to do that the capacity to deliver that change can be assessed. For example: if HR have lots to do at year end (usually: appraisals, pay reviews etc etc) and you are asking them simultaneously to do lots of other things to deliver organisational change, then it is likely that the plan will slip.

How do we do this?

Bring the relevant people who are needed to deliver the transformation together with a large whiteboard and work out how things are going to be done and the schedule. This will then be built up across teams to check that the entire plan is achievable. If not, then what can we replan or do differently to get things back on track?