Consulting Services

We offer a range of consulting services including Interviewing and SelectionCross-cultural: UK – Japan, and Organisation Design, People Specification and Selection in addition to:

    • Business planning: we can help you with analysing a problem and working out what you are going to need to solve it, analysing a new business idea to work out an implementation cost and likely return on the investment or even with writing a business plan that reflects your aims and ambitions.
    • Business process mapping and change: organisations often grow their processes organically as they grow themselves. They are also sometime reluctant to make the effort to examine whether a process is even valid any more – the “we’ve always done this” syndrome. We can map your business processes, establish their validity and value and propose changes to streamline them and improve your business effectiveness.
    • Investment appraisal and business cases: starting a project or making a big capital investment is a key decision that could have large implications for the profitability or even future success of your business. You may have to go to your management board with a document that justifies that level of spend to get the green light. We can help you writing that document, compiling the costs – both financial and resource, and putting together a realistic implementation plan that will help you get that approval to proceed.
    • Budget building and management: putting together the budget for the next year or next few years can be a daunting task. We have experience of compiling budgets including people costs, capital spending, travel and other consumables, one off projects, publicity and recruitment costs. We can help you with how much you are planning to spend and the phasing of it so you can present a realistic view of your budget and when you are going to need the money.
  • Meeting and process design facilitation: When there are contentious issues to be resolved, a big project to plan, strategy to design or any other discussion that could become emotional or political, it is often helpful to have a 3rd party to facilitate and act as a neutral arbiter. We can help you get the surroundings right, prepare for the meeting, facilitate it and document the outcomes so everyone has a common view of the progress made.