Team Building

When a new team is formed, there is change to an existing team, there is a company re-organisation or even a takeover, then it can take a while for people to settle in to the new dynamic of the organisation. They may be working with new people, in a new environment, have a new team leader or be following new processes. All of these things cause disruption and a dip in motivation and productivity as the organisation settles in its new form.

The chances are, the team will gradually form and get to an acceptable level of performance. We can accelerate this process, taking the new team through a structured process that will help them get to know their new colleagues, improved communications and trust within the team.

However, it is rare that a manager has the skills to take his team to a truly high performing level. This takes time and effort but is worthwhile in terms of the buy-in and productivity gains achieved. The key thing to realise is that journey is what achieves the end state – there aren’t any easy short cuts! Again, we can help take the team through a more in-depth process to achieve this for you.