What does the future look like?

Sorting out what the future looks like for both you and the organisation starts with some simple questions. The problem is that people are generally too busy to devote time to these questions so an dangerous assumption is made: we all have the same view of the future.

Trust us: that is highly unlikely!

The key thing to realise is that the future is not only made up of what the organisation is up to: the market, competitors, how the organisation fits in to the market, selling how many of what to who etc etc.

The other key component is what you and the other members of the leadership team are going to be doing: how hard are you working, what job are you doing in the organisation, potentially what is your exit strategy etc etc.

It is only when you have clarified with other members of the leadership team what the future looks like that you can then move on to the next stage: what does the organisation need to look like to deliver that future?