Here’s how the queen’s speech could affect your company

With the announcement of the Queen’s speech, marking the start of the next government, you may be wondering what it means for your company and your job. With details of a deal with the DUP being released today, the speech gave an indication into government priorities for the next two years. Usually, the speech only indicates the government’s plans for the next 12 months, but with Brexit negotiations already taking place, the 2019 deadline ruled the agenda. So, what was in the Queen’s speech and how could it affect you?


Immigration has been the focus of the Brexit conversations and was expected to appear in the Queen’s speech. There has still been no clarity given to the rights of EU migrants living in the UK, so if you employ European citizens in your business, you will need to stay ahead of information given by the government moving forward. It would also be wise to discuss with your EU staff how they’re feeling with the uncertainty, and begin to contingency plans to counter the possible impact of Brexit talks on your team. The important point to remember is that no-one knows what the outcome is going to be and that we all hope that common sense will prevail so there is little you can offer them other than reassurance.


If you work within the property sector, you might be interested to know that a law is being developed to ban private agents, and landlords from charging ‘letting fees’. This is something to stay on top of, as renters will be quick to turn away from companies who don’t update their systems in respect of the new law.


Overall the speech highlighted how during Brexit negotiations, the government will prioritise the economy and business-friendly decisions for the whole of the UK. There seems to have been a development on two fronts, since the government’s last speech on Brexit. One, there’s been a recognition that these talks will focus on Europe, not Britain. The second is that Brexit will be a process, not a deal, and the agreement will take several years to clarify, as the UK moves out of the EU.


If you work within the law, you will need to update your awareness of legislation concerning personal injury claims as the new government has pledged to bring in reforms. There will also be legislation to support a modernisation of the courts system, including the potential for an ‘online solutions court’ which would handle small civil claims.


Whether we like it or not, change is coming and we don’t know how bumpy the ride is going to be. Bearing in mind how intransigent the EU has been when dealing with Greece, then we are a bit pessimistic about how the process is going work and the disruption it could cause. All of the changes ahead mean that this is a very good time to look at your plans for your business, the risks associated with it and your team to make sure that the road ahead is still ambitious but realistic and achievable.

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Image credit: HM The Queen formally launched the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs at Chatham House by Chatham House, London licensed under Creative commons 4