Re-focus your worrying

As a leader, it is your role to carry the map and navigate your team and company on a journey towards change and betterment. Sometimes it is easy to get lost on this path by focusing on the things that don’t matter and on the things that you can’t change. Worrying about what will happen after Brexit or how Trump can impact your business with his next misguided tweet will get you nowhere. Instead, you should focus on the important elements of leadership and bring your team on a journey that manages the risks that you can prepare for.

Proactive vs reactive

Instead of worrying about the next thing that you will have to react to, think proactively about how you can prevent this from being too much of a prblem. If all of your trade goes into Europe and you’re worried about the impact of Brexit, then look to how you can increase sales into the UK market or even look at the rest of the world – it is a big place and lots of people want to do business with us. Look to diversify your sales and this will protect you whatever happens.

Evaluate the company’s use of time

Improving efficiency within your company will make you far better off. Instead of worrying about Trump and how he might impact UK/US trade, look at how you can make your systems work more effectively. Reviewing systems constantly to improve them and take unnecessary workload out of the system is a major focus of a leader. New technology and systems are arriving all the time so look at how best you can adopt them for the benefit of your organisation. The aim is to make things easier within the company so that the output can increase without further expansion or pressure.

Focus on controllable risks

There are risks aplenty for businesses, from Trump, Brexit and industry developments through to the risks presented by your team, but worrying about these before they happen is of no use to anyone. Instead, you should look to focus your worries on the things that matter to your business. Make your processes slicker, cut out waste, diversify your customer base and generate more customers. Directing your attention to these areas will leave you much better off and give you a better story to lead your team with.

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Image credit: Donald Trump by cornstalker licensed under Creative commons 4