How gut instinct and courage drive business growth

For all your experience and finely tuned business acumen, sometimes what you need, in order to grow your profit, is a leap of faith.

Many successful entrepreneurs admit that gut instincts played a role in creating global brands. They acted on hope as much as fact – and had the courage to take leaps of faith.

Even in the age of Big Data and advanced analytics, business development can not be left entirely to statistics and research.

It has to be an intelligent evaluation of risk versus return. Possibly even going ahead when the outcome is less than certain.

Steve Jobs phrased it as “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

Using emotional intelligence

Being courageous enough to act on gut instinctively can be tough in today’s lean and agile business world.

It involves a high degree of emotional intelligence – managing your own reservations and the anxiety and uncertainty of others, to reach out for new markets, introduce innovations or launch growth strategies.

Getting a pool of talent in place

Having the right team around you to manage the risks – and make a 100% assault on your target – is crucial.

This is when interim staff can be valuable. Grafting in the skills, insights and attributes you need to make something happen. Or, if you don’t have sufficient capacity to go ahead, consider leasing a second premise and getting contract staff to fill it.

Alternatively, recruit remote workers. You can find the best candidates irrespective of their location, at the same time as reducing the office space you need. Remote workers can also build satellite operations at new locations.

It’s just one of the ways that careful planning, selective recruitment and upskilling can underpin leaps of faith, greatly improving chances of success.

A true entrepreneur

The definition of a true entrepreneur is someone who would jump off a cliff and build an airplane on the way down.

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